Mini Champagne Bottles? Where to buy?

I'm looking for mini champagne bottles- like Korbel or another brand....I want to use them in my "out of town" goody bags!

Any clues on where to buy them?

Re: Mini Champagne Bottles? Where to buy?

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    I was able to buy mine here locally at Wal-Mart.  They sell them in 4-packs here.  I used Cooks but we have Korbel also (Cooks is a little cheaper). If your local grocery stores don't sell them, I would try a local liquor store and see if they can just order them for you.
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    Agreed with PP. Here in Pennsylvania you can only buy wine and alcohol from the state but if in your state liquor stores are independently operated I would contact a few and see if someone will give you a discount for buying a bunch.
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    You can buy them straight from Korbel's website (and choose form three different varieties of miniatures)....shipping is pretty pricey though. I am also looking to get mini champagne of wine bottles as favors...but I think I'm going to check some local wine/liquor stores before ordering online from Korbel.
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