Hotel Guest Bags - Need ideas

Any ideas for what to put in guest bags for our guests staying in a hotel for our wedding? Looking for practical and unique ideas.  What did you use for a bag?

Re: Hotel Guest Bags - Need ideas

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    I plan on doing snacks that are made locally. Either 2 bottles of locally brewed beer or a mini-bottle of local wine. A visitors guide (free from the visitor's center). Some chocolates from a local chocolatier. Bottles of water. Travel size pain reliever and maybe a travel size pack of tissues. And and a welcome letter with important phone numbers, times, and things to do (printed free from vistaprint)

    You don't need to include toiletries because they are usually in the hotel rooms already.

    As for what to put the stuff in. Either plain gift bags from a craft store that can be decorated with stickers or stamps, gableboxes (people recommend papermart.com), or reusable grocery bags. There are a bunch of places you can find them online.


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    I have PIB of mine.  I put water, snacks, mints, candy, Kleenex, an itinerary for the weekend, etc.
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    Is there anything Boston is famous for that can go in?  (I'm thinking beans would be messy:)

    A friend of mine got married in Philadelphia and she had Philly soft pretzels wrapped up and a beer in each bag.  Also bottles of water, brochures and maps of the area.
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    They make Boston Baked Bean candy. It doesn't taste like beans, it just looks like them. It tastes like sugar :)

    You could also do "Boston Tea Party" Tea, Red Sox Peanuts, Sam Adams Beer, and though they are more Cape-Cod, anything with cranberries (craberry bogs or chocolate covered, yum!), lobsters (like lobster lollipops), or Cape Cod Potato Chips. Make sure you get a good map of the city to put in the bags too - that way those from OOT can explore.

    Man, I miss Boston!!
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    I'm going to be using these tiffany blue colored bags to hold all the goodies:

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    anyone come across a website that has any deals or good pricing on bags?

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