Average cost of flowers???

So we just got our first estimate of flowers from a florist who we are looking at to do our wedding....well, she is estimating the cost of the flowers at $7,000! Well, this price is obviously way too much for us an we are going to have to trim down on the flowers a bit, but my question to all of you much did you pay/are you paying for your flowers?I love orchids and I am quickly learing that they are very very expensive.  What kind of services are you having your florist do?? Do you have any advice as to how to make your ceremony/reception beautiful, but on a tight budget?? (BTW, our budget is $3,000).Any advice will be great!!! thanks!

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    Check out this woman on Ebay. She uses silks, which are alot cheaper and easier to use. She just quoted me my price on all flowers for my wedding and it is $240 for 30 pieces. Bouquets, bouts., corsages, pew bows... everything except my centerpieces which I'm doing myself. She can do any color and any kind of flower you want.
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    For $500 I'm doing all of my own flowers, ordering online. I'm considering having a florist do our corsages, bouquets and bouts, but I'm not sure that it's necessary. However I knew right off the bat that I wanted to find some of the less expensive flowers. Cutting $4000 off of your price.... sounds like you need to use a lot more roses and a LOT LESS orchids. Also, CPs really don't have to be HUGE and over the top- vary the giant ones with short, less involved ones and you'll save a lot of money
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    Our flowers were under $3K for: Bride bouquet 3 BM bouquets 6 bouts for groom, 4 GM, dad 1 mom corsage Chuppah rental Chuppah floral decorations (top and two sides) 10 CPs PIB We had ivory roses, black beauty tea roses, freesia, white and lavender French lilacs, white and pink genista, and lady's mantle.
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    What exactly would the $7k include?  I've met with my florist do go over options and I think it's going to be under $2.5k for what I've asked for, which includes orchids: - bride's bouquet of white hydrangea with some green cymbidium orchids- 4 bouquets of white hydrangea & white tulips for BMs- 1 halo of white hydrangea for flower girl- groom's bout of green cymbidium orchid- 4 bouts of white tulips for GMs and RB- 2 bouts of white cymbidium orchid for fathers- 3 pin-on corsages of white cymbidium orchids for mothers and grandmother- 14 tall centerpieces of submerged white dendrobium orchids- 14 short centerpieces of white hydrangea
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    Thank you everyone for the advice.  To answer a few of your questions, the $7,000 included:My centerpiece along with 8 Bridesmaid centerpieces.  I forget what those things are called that you put on the groomsmen's jackets, but 8 of those and 1 for the groom and 2 for the grandpa's.  3 corsages for our grandmothers and 2 for the mothers. A Gazebo which will be decorated with flowers on the bottom and top.  Roses decorated on the aisle that i will be walking down.  8 tall centerpieces and 8 small centerpieces. The centerpieces include a tall vase filled with water and lavender rocks on the bottom with an orchid inside the vase and a floating candle on top of the orchid floating in the water.  And the small centerpices are a smaller version of the tall ones.That is about it....Well, after I got the $7,000 estimate, I decided to look around a bit.  I visited a florist who quoted me $3,000 for the exact same thing!!So, now I have to go back to the original florist and see what she can do about lowering her price (significantly!!)...the only reason i am still giving this florist a chance and not just going to this other lady is because she is a close friend of my fiances family and they have used her for several of their parties, wedding, etc.  I don't want to upset anybody on my fiances side of the family, but if she can't get it down to the price I need, then I just may have to.  :/
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    i would just go with the 2nd estimate...your fi's family should understand that you have a budget. if they want you to use that florist, they could always help.
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