What color bouquets should I have with teal dresses?

My bridemaids are going to wear deep teal dresses and I'm trying to figure out what color to make the bouquets. I definately want to incorporate dark pink, but not sure if I should add more colors or keep it to just dark pink. Other colors I've thought of mixing in are a deep purple/plum and peach/orange. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Re: What color bouquets should I have with teal dresses?

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    I would take either a fabric sample from their dress or a photo of their dress to the florist you'll be using. She'll have a better knowledge of what colors are available in the type of flowers you want, and what exactly she'll be able to get a hold of. I've heard dozens of stories where the bride let the florist pick the BM bouquet based on the dress, and every single one of them was over-joyous with the results.
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    The dark pink will be very pretty, and will look fine on it's own or with other colors. If you want the flowers to be the focus, and "pop" against the teal background, then yes, you can mix the dark pink with pretty much any colors. It looks especially well with purples, coral/orange, and even some bright, lime green, or a touch of yellow/gold. If you want the focus to be on the attendants, the people, their attire, then keep the flowers understated, with either a solid color, or mixed with soft colors, like peach, pink, lavender, cream.
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    I incorporated mango/orange, blues, and plums in my bouquet (if you can see it in my siggy pic).  I almost added pinks too, but just decided to leave it at those three colors, but I think they would look great!
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