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Hello ladies,I just thought I would share my flower shopping experience with you.I am having a nice, big ceremony and reception but my FI's aunt is doing our candle centerpieces. Therefore, we only needed a small order of the following:1- Brides Bouquet2- Mens' boutiners2- Mother of the bride/groom corsages1- Bag of Petals for the flower girlEVERY florist I visited wanted between $300-$400 for my order. I decided on a whim to go and check out my local grocery store and I wound up getting the exact order my florist was charging me $400 for, for only $83! Think outside the box when it comes to flowers ladies! I know costco also does flowers so check them out as well! I keep telling myself that it doesn't matter if I spend $100 or $400 on flowers; my guests probably won't even remember what flowers I had on my tables once the wedding is over and they surely won't be stuffing the envelopes with more money because I spent more or less on flowers! ;O) Have fun planning ladies!

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    Wow, my bridal bouquet costs about $400. Thanks for the advice.
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    You may only get your bouquet for $83, but don't be upset if you flowers are dying before pictures are even taken, There are reasons that florists are more exspensive. They process the flowers differently and they are people who actually know how to process the flowers as well as better quality. Florists are people who actually know how to design and have been trained. Your guest may not remember what is on the tables, but it will show in your pictures. Fowers are in almost every picture. Well just thought I would add my opinion. Good luck! Happy wedding planning!
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    Please make sure that the grocery store does not store your flowers with fruits and veggies. Most grocery stores make the mistake of having the flower department next to the produce department. This will put the flowers asleep and they won't wake back up. Just make sure that the refrigeration is not with any produce and that they do not make your flowers days in advance. When a grocery store gets their flowers in they do not cut the stems, they just put them straight into the buckets, which makes them die faster. Just ask a bunch of processing questions and maybe have them make a corsage for you and see how long it last.  
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