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I am thinking about making origami flowers for my bouquet, bridesmaids bouquets, centerpieces. I am getting mixed responses from my family and inlaws about their feelings.This is the first option I like: is the other: give me your thoughts!Thanks in advance!

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    Myself and another bride in the Aug 09 board had origami bouquets. I made mine myself and the other bride ordered hers through Etsy. You can see pics of mine in my bio. They were everyone's favorite part of the wedding. Everyone loved them and everyone wanted to take a picture of them. I prefer the second one, the tulips. But remember, you can make nearly any flower out of paper, it doesn't have to be roses or tulips. And in nearly any color you want too.I bought [url=]Origami Flowers from Amazon[/url] to see what they had. Ended up not using any of them, but it was good inspiration. I also used origami lilies and cranes in my centerpieces.Frankly, it's a really nice way to personalize your wedding and you can keep it! No preserving necessary and you'll always have this great memento of your wedding day. Not to mention, it looks awesome and it's cheap.
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    I LOVE your bouquet! How did you make it?
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    It's a helluva process actually. I'm Japanese so I was folding 1000 origami cranes anyway. Each flower bud is made up of about 8 or 9 cranes, folded in half and glue together into a circle. 4-5 more cranes in a more leafy color (green or brown) were attached around the bottom of each circle of cranes. They were wrapped with florist tape and a floral wire inserted and glued into the middle. I had 29 flowers, and added 2 cloissone butterfly pins and 1 mother of pearl butterfly pin. A silver and gold crane were also added on their own floral wires. Then it was all wrapped in white wired ribbon and hand tied. It took months. Well worth it though, imo. I was inspired by an etsy crafter 3DCranes, though hers, I think, are better than mine.
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    anaeugalo's origami flower bouquet: they are even eco-friendly... no waste, no killing plants to make your bouquet, no dead flowers to toss into the garbage. I honestly don't understand why more people aren't doing this or spending $$$ on preserving their flowers.oh and feel free to email me if you want to talk more about them. chryse74 at gmail dot com
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