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I am starting to look at wedding flowers. My colors are olive/fern green, brown and hints of copper. The colors of the girl's dresses are green. I was thinking about doing a kissing ball for each of them to hold. But I have no idea about what kind of flowers that would work for that.For my bouquet, I know I don't want it cascading - and I like the idea of having lots of different kids of flowers. But again, no idea what kinds of flowers. Or if I should add colored flowers or just white....Lastly - I don't want a ton of flowers for the centerpieces, but I also want some of the tables to be different. I thought maybe kissing balls at some tables - but on top of different sized pedestals. Anyone done anyting like that or have any unique ideas for centerpieces with or without flowers?Thanks!!!

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    You can put almost any flower in a kissing ball. We are having 2 types of centerpieces at our reception, lanterns and candelabras with a ton of flowers surrounding them, I love flowers.You can have any kind of flower you want in your bouquet. Try greenery or parrot tulips. Carnations come in thousands of colors, seriously.Hope this helps.
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    With all the greens and browns, I think white kissing balls might look really nice for your bridesmaids. Most florists can put together a beautiful bouquet with lots of different flowers that stay within the same color-range, like whites and greens, for example. Personally I don't like a bunch of flowers and will be doing origami bouquets and will probably have candle-like centerpieces. Whatever you decide will be beautiful though. Good luck!
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    hi, i just got engaged.  what exactly is a kissing ball?!
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