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I have not met with a florist yet however I have noticed that a few brides were given a mock bouquet to visually see what theirs will look like on the big day.  Is this common? If so, how much did it cost for the mock up?Thank you for any help!

Re: Mock Bouquet

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    I do believe that is common. I'm not too sure if you pay for it or not though, I would imagine it is paid for.
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    My florist mocked my bouquet for a bridal show. This is where I decided that what I originally chose was not for me. If this wasn't the case, she offered a trial run for one item of my choice and then a fee for anything else I wanted her to mock.
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    My florist gave 1 mock up or either the bouquet or the centerpiece.  If you wanted both, 1 was free the other was half price.
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