Need help identifying flowers :)

So, I don't know how to attach a picture on here, but if you follow this link: scroll down a little, there is a bouquet that I think is AMAZING! I found out the grey balls are called silver brunia, but I haven't yet found someplace to buy them (I plan on DIYing my flowers). I also would love to know what the other flowers are called, especailly those green textural balls. I think the grey leaves are dusty miller and there's obviously roses.Thanks!!!

Re: Need help identifying flowers :)

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    I have no idea what the textured balls are (haha I snorted because I have the maturity level of a 12 year old) but that pink sort of spikey stuff looks like astilbe... google "astilbe bouquet" and you get all kinds of pretty eye candy.
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    You're right about the silver brunia and the dusty miller. Not sure about the other green balls are... but, there are also some ranunculas in there. Be careful with the dusty miller - it needs a water source right up until the ceremony, or it will get wilty. I made my friend's bouquet in these pics: and you can see how the dusty miller is wilting... Check out this site: if you browse around, you can find a lot of pictures of different stuff, along with names. It changes periodically, depending on their stock.
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    Have you checked in your area to see if there is a flower market or whoelsale florist who will sell to the public? We have one in our area. They sell to vendors and churches at a discount, and sell to the public at retail prices. They can special order any flowers they can get from their sources. Most florists can check sources for you also, but they usually charge top dollar/retail for special orders. But they might can recommend something that looks similar. Or check on line for sources, by Googling them. It might take a little research to find unusual flowers.
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    I don't know if I'm seeing the same 'green textural balls' that you're seeing, but I know for sure there is dried lotus in that arrangement. You're going to have an easier time if you buy it artificial from a craft store because it's pretty pricey...
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