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Hi ladies! I'm having my wedding in July and am only using gerber daisies for all of my flowers (red and white). I received a quote from my florist and it seemed awfully high to me...especially for gerber daisies.Bridal bouquet - $90BM bouquet - $80Centerpiece - $80 We are just looking for something simply...the centerpieces are only a short square vase filled with the gerberas. Do these prices seem high to you as well or am I just completely oblivious to the prices of flowers!
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Re: How much...?

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    Bridal bouquets are usually around $125-$175 from what I see, so that sounds quite good.
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    That's actually very reasonable for bouquets. But $80 sounds a little high to me for simple centerpieces, unless they are very large. So I am assuming that the cost of the vases is included. Is there a way you can knock the price of centerpieces down by DIY-ing them, or furnish the vases yourself, and get them cheaper? I've seen the 6" square vases occasionally at dollar stores or Wal-mart for $5 or less. Or maybe substitute some of the gerbers with more greenery or pom-pom daisy/mums, which are slightly cheaper? You won't have time yourself to be doing centerpieces on your wedding day, or likely even the day before, but do you have someone handy with flowers or crafts that could help?
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