Bridesmaids in Aubergine - what color flowers match??

I have my bridemaids in Aubergine dresses.   I picked my flowers out before we found their dresses.   I have burnt orange roses and purple anemones in their bouquets. I am not sure if this is going to match their dresses.  Any suggestions?  These are their dresses. 

Re: Bridesmaids in Aubergine - what color flowers match??

  • kbaddisonkbaddison
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    My girls are wearing eggplant colored dresses and will be carrying Orange dahalias. Hope this helps!
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    amnesia roses
    picasso calla lilies
    brassica..( cabbage!
  • Magdala9Magdala9
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    If you have matching flowers, the flowers will blend into the dresses.  You will not get that nice contrast for your photos.  It would be better to coordinate the flowers with contrasting shades.  Your idea of burnt orange roses with several shades of purple anemeones sounds lovely.  Anemones are also available in shades of white, ivory and yellow which would also add contrast.
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    I definitely think the burnt orange roses will look gorgeous...depends on the purple of the anemone...if you can get a shade or several shades of purple lighter than the dresses you will be good!
  • Catwoman708Catwoman708
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    If you are getting married in November, then fall colors will look spectacular with the aubergine color dresses.

    Burnt orange, rust, a couple of vivid shades of purple and/or magenta, and a hint of yellow/gold.  A small amount of lavender filler flower (like lavender statice, or purple limonium) will set off the other colors and keep them from being too overpowering.

    If you want a softer, more feminie look, shades of pink and blush (a soft peachy pink), antique lavender, and ivory would look really pretty.
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