how many roses per bouquet?

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I am considering DIYing my flowers (I just need  to do the ceremony flowers). I would like to purchase roses and make my own bridal bouquet. About how many roses can I expect to put in a bouquet? Thanks!

Re: how many roses per bouquet?

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     It depends on what style and how large you want it as well as if you want the roses open or buds.  I would think a dozen would be enough for a small bouquet, 2 dozen for medium and 3 dozen for a larger bouquet. As well, if you want all roses and no greenery or filler flower, you may want to buy more I would also probably get a few extras just in case there are a few that don't look so good in the bunch, or in case some get damaged while you're arranging them. It's better to have leftovers than not enough. 
     I would probably do a round bouquet or presentation style bouquet since they are easier. The cascading bouquets where you use a bouquet holder can be difficult to make if you don't have any experience. As well, be sure to buy floral wire, green floral tape and wire cutters. You use the wire to wrap around the stems as you build your bouquet to hold it in place. The tape covers the wires and holds everything together after yo've assembled your bouquet. As well, if you want to wrap your bouquet stems in ribbon, be sure to buy fabric ribbon and pins (usually pretty ones with pearls or gems on the tip). Don't use the plasticky kind of ribbon because it will shred and is difficult to work with. Keep the stems long so you can put the bouquet in water without getting the ribbon wet. Just trim the stems before you walk down the aisle. HTH! Congrats!
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    My bouquet was all roses (no greenery) and was 26 escimo (?) roses.

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    i think i had like 25 in mine and my BM had 7 in theirs ( odd numbers are suppose to be good luck)

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    My BMs had 18, and I had 24.  At 24 the stems started to get very wide. 
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    The florist I got a quote from said she would put 24 open roses in mine and 7 in my BM

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