Average flower budget?

What is the average flower budget for a wedding?
What should I expect?
I would like to put flowers on the tables (probably 12 tables + head table), I have 3 bridesmaids, 3 grooms men, 2 sets of parents, and 2 grandparents


Re: Average flower budget?

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    Well costs vary greatly depending on your area.  The rule of thumb, so to speak, is that the flower budget should be 10% of your overall wedding budget, so if you have a wedding budget of $20,000 then you should spend about $2,000 on flowers.

    But that is just a guideline and you definitely do not have to listen to it.  You need to decide how important flowers are to you.  Some people want elaborate and huge arrangements while others want something very simple and modest.

    Also, keep in mind that the centerpieces will most likey cost the most so you can always substitute non-floral items such as candles and vases filled with water and a floating candle to offset the costs a bit.

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    I think Maggie is right.  Although the expectation of a flower budget is 10% the key is how much DIY you want to do.  If you want to leave it all up to a professional  then you'll spend $2,000 no matter how you slice it.  The secret is keeping it very simple, candles for centerpieces surrounded by rose petals and let the groomsmen pay for their own bouts, unlike the girls they don't spend much more then renting the tux.  If you find a nice venue you won't need muchy in decoration and most churches are already beautiful.
  • I think this really depends on your area. Flowers are cheap where we are right now, but in my hometown they're super pricey. Try to ask people who have gotten married in your area and scope out the websites/reviews of local florists, or call and ask for estimates (which will be very general, but at least you'll have an idea).
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  • Flower prices vary greatly depending on flowers, size of bouquet, season etc. The thing to remember is that if you are open to different types of flowers, you can do beautiful on any budget. When you go in to your floral appointment bring in pictures of things you have seen that you like, but be open to ideas the florist gives you. If a florist does not seem open to helping you with suggestions to fit your budget, make an appointment with another and see if it is a better fit for you. I always tell my brides to reuse the bridal and bm bouquets in clear cylinder vases on the head table, that way it will save you from buying more decorations and all your guests can come see your bouquets!
  • I was just quoted about $2,000 in NYC and this board is making me feel it was a good price! This was for 15 small centerpeices arrangements that I would obtain 15 "funky vintage containers" for that would sit attop a 3 tier stack of old books (on art n theatre, as my fiance's a designer and i'm an actor), 1 bridal bouquet, 6 bridesmaids bouquets and 6 bouts, 2 corsages for our moms, a larger bouquet for the card table and loads of rose petals and tea lights and votives. I mentioned to the florist I want roses, peonies, peach anenome, burgundy dahliahs, and fiddleheaded ferms.... (peach and burgundy are my colors). My only concern is the florist's website is all modern and structured whereas I want something more "garden-like" The feel of my wedding is upscale rustic. I want it to feel like an old inn. Thoughts?
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