Flowers to match a champagne wedding dress?? HELP PLZ!!

Ok ladies….I need some serious advice.  My wedding dress is a Mori Lee soft gold/champagne hued dress.  I am finding shoes to match, however I am having a pain of a time finding flowers to match.  I obviously don’t want white flowers because it will make the color of my dress look dirty instead of vintage glam.  We will be married in Charleston, SC in October of this year (if that helps any!)  I am open to any and all suggestions, as this part of my planning is at a stand-still!!  Thanks all!! :)

Re: Flowers to match a champagne wedding dress?? HELP PLZ!!

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    I'm getting married in 6 weeks and also have a champagne dress and it's a rather dark champagne.  I am carrying cream color roses and the bridesmaids will carry cream roses, soft yellow tulips and blue hydrangea.  Guys will wear cream roses.  There are a lot of off white flower choices and a florist will easily be able to tell you what will go well.
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    I like the roses with the tulips idea! That will be so pretty!!  I really do just need to sit down with a florist and brainstorm.  I guess I just feel weird going in there and having NO idea what I'm even looking for LOL!  Thanks girl!!   Oh, are roses pretty expensive??

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    Well, I don't think white would be bad. And if you're going for a vintage glam look, what about deep red flowers? 
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    I can't think of any flowers that are a naturaal "champagne gold" color.  It usually looks better for the flowers to be a contrasting color to the dress/background so they will show up.

    Shades of white and ivory always look elegant with champagne color, it won't make your dress look dirty at all.  Especially with your other colors, I think a mix of white and ivory flowers will look very pretty and elegant. 

    If you want to add some color, you could certainly do that to, with a fall wedding, and your other colors of orange and brown, you could add shades of ivory, orange, and maybe a deep red/rust color?  Or something unexpected but still complimentary, like purple, rust, orange, and ivory. 

    Check out a color wheel with varying hues.  Champagne is essentially a soft brown/gold color.  Opposite that is purple, or if you go with a triad combiation, you'd get champagne, red (or red/orange or red/purple/burgundy)  and blue. 

    So maybe something like BM dresses and tux vests in brown or dark blue, with flowers in orange, rust, peach, ivory?

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    @ Amocksun--First off, Congrats on your upcoming wedding! So close!!  Deep red flowers are a really good idea, i like that.  I am kinda flip-flopping between white and colored flowers. 
    @CatWoman--You had some amazing ideas, thank your for including the color wheel..very cool!!

    I guess I am just lost as to what flowers I should get all together, regardless of color....for some reason I have a mental block when it comes to this aspect of planning!!  EEK!! :)  Thank you so much for your suggestions! Very helpful!
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    Hi there!

    My dress is an ivory/champagne color and our wedding colors are ivory and gold...we're also getting married in October. I am going to be ordering these roses:

    Hope this helps!
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    Oh Wow!! those are amazingly beautiful roses!! It will go perfect with your dress and mine as well! Thank you so much for your reply Ladysunkissed!! VERY much appreciated!  Its funny that you are exactly a week away from mine lol :)  Congrats!!
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    You are more than welcome, Bethany! I've been struggling with the flower choices myself and just decided on these last night. Congrats to you as well! :)

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    I"m late to this but I had an ivory dress & deep chapagne BM dresses; I went for the burgundy/red/purple family; I loved the brights/bolds against the subtle, elegant colors of the dresses & I think they photographed incredibly!
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    I am having an ivory dress, but ghoing with very dark calla liies, almost black, at first i was put off, but now thing it will be really elegant. i am also having a fall wedding.

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    LaughingThank you ladies for your suggestions!! VERY VERY helpful!!
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    I also bought a champagne dress. All your comments have been really helpful. However,  could any of you post some pics? There are no pictures on this website and I would really love to see how the colors look together.

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