Too long for first dance?

My fiance Jacob and I are planning a July 2012 wedding.  We want to dance to Jason Mraz's "Beautiful Mess" as our first dance.  It was our first slow dance and just has a lot of significance to us; later, I found out that Jason wrote the song as a sort of dedication to his future wife about the trials and joys of marriage, so it became even more perfect.  The only thing is, the song is five minutes long.  Is that too long for a first dance?  Do any of you know of a shorter version, or maybe somewhere we could look for one?   Thanks  :)
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Re: Too long for first dance?

  • OsterizerOsterizer
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    If you ask your guests to join you out on the dance floor after a minute or two into the song, it won't seem too long.
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  • cbear215cbear215
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    You should ask your DJ too...ours told us that he could take out time of the song-a chorus or two or a verse, basically edit it to make the song shorter.
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    Hello -

    Yes - you can have your dj edit the song for you. Just specify how long you want it played. 

    If he is unable to do this, find a dj that will. It's not too difficult.

  • Wow... That's a very long time for guests I would think... If you're like us and want a song that will be THE song you will love for the rest of your life, a song that everyone at your wedding willl remember for the rest of their life then listen to Last Love by Whitney Steele. Last Love is the most beautiful song ever! Not that it's important, but II met my gorgeous groom to be Marques online and he IS most definately the last love of my life!

    And if you like the Gin Blossoms (we love the Gin Blossoms) see Whitney, who is so filled with heart and soul AND not to mention an incredible singer songwriter, Last Love video and tell me you can't see yourself walking down the aisle to that song! See Whitney's unofficial video of Last Love with Scotty Johnson of the Gin Blossoms here:

    Marques found this Whitney Steele song for us and I love it...  If you need a wedding song, walk down the aisle song or first dance song, I'll share my wedding song with you!. We bought it on CD Baby and know every word by heart!

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