Grandfather granddaughter dance

Hi ladies, I need help with this!
My father passed away recently so my grandfather is going to walk me down the aisle and we will do a grandfather-granddaughter dance instead!  I don't know what songs fit though..  I don't really want the usual songs you use for father-daughter, but something that fits for a grandpa.. he doesn't have a favorite song or any ideas.
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Re: Grandfather granddaughter dance

  • MuchkinsRCoolMuchkinsRCool
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    I guess that depends on the relationship you have with your grandfather. I don't have a relationship with my father and will be doing my dance with my papa and have thought about using a couple different songs. Music of the heart by Nsync. Cinderalla by Steven Curtis Chapman. I Loved Her First Heartland. I don't know any for a grandpa though..
  • kls114kls114
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    Definitely think about your relationship with him & go from there. What about something from his generation? A favorite artist of his?

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  • KirstenPhelpsKirstenPhelps
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    I Loved her first!!! Great Song!!!
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