mother/son dance....HELP!

I don't know what to fiance wants me to choose the song for the mother son dance but im not sure what to choose.. my FH and his mother have a "rocky" relationship to say the least...for the first year and a half of our relationship they weren't even on speaking terms and now they only talk on birthdays and holidays.. i don't want to pick something mushy because thats not really them...any suggestions?!?!?!
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Re: mother/son dance....HELP!

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    My suggestion would be to skip the mother/son dance. If they're not close, it will be awkward for them to dance in front of everyone and awkward for your guests to watch.

    It would still be okay to dance w/your dad if you want. Or you could skip them both. Or you could do the father/daughter and mother/son at the same time.
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    I agree, just skip this dance. I don't even know if Fi will want a mother/son dance, and they have a good relationship, they talk every week. If I were asked to pick a song for them, I think I would pick a Jimmy Buffet or Bob Marley song, as I know they enjoy that kind of music together. If your Fi insists on the dance, ask both of them what kind of music they would like to dance to. And maybe pick something more up-beat and fun than mushy.
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    I wouldn't skip the dance unless both your fiance and his mother decide not to do it because that can be hurtful to his mother especially if you dance with your father.

    I'm not much of a help with suggestions because I'm letting my fiance and his mom pick the song but if you google it there's a bunch of websites that have the music and the lyrics listed, which is nice cause you can actually listen to a list of songs and see what the words are to make sure it's nothing to mushy.
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    I would skip the dance. Im probably skipping the f/d dance bc of the rocky relationship otherwise awkwardness would be apparent! You dont have to be traditional  : )
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