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So, I've decided to hire a family friend as our reception DJ (mostly because DJ's are waaaaaay too expensive!). This is not his full-time job, and says he only does it for friends sometimes. Yes, I realize what I'm doing by not hiring a professional, but again, I simply cannot pass up saving $500 on this! My question is - Should we still draw up and sign a contract, or would that be taboo because he's a family friend? HELP!!

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  • cmp1986cmp1986
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    I would def. have a contract (even if it was my own father doing it). Contracts not only protect you, but protect the DJ.
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    Just went to a wedding this past Sat. where the bride used a friend, it was the worst reception I have ever attended, not one person danced, the mother of the bride and the bride had to make the announcements. There is a reason why pros are more. 
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    Try calling DJ Freddy from and hire a professional. Don't cut corners on the entertainment which will be one of the most imprortant parts of making a wedding a success. Hiring someone who has never done a wedding can be risky. Freddy has some great rates.
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    yeah you might want to make sure they actually work in the state you're suggesting them for. I live in Michigan
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