Walking down the Aisle song

I do not want to walk down to the traditional wedding march and have a few songs in mind. My questions is do you walk down the the instrumental or the song with words?

I like the song by Runner Runner, Can't Wait (starting at 1:20 into song)

What are some people thoughts on this?


Re: Walking down the Aisle song

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    we are using the vitamin string quartet...they do violin covers of rock and pop its easy to find a song we like without it sounding too much like the radio or a cd is on since its all violins.

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    Songs with words, in my opinion,  would work better as a first/last dance. Maybe us this as the last song that plays before your ceremony starts and then switch to instrumental.

    Some different ideas:

    (these are click-able)
    I Love NYE - Badly Drawn Boy
    The Fairy Fountain theme from Legend of Zelda (orchestra)
    Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness - The Smashing Pumpkins (the best cover I could find, the orig. seems to not exist on YouTube)

    If you couldn't tell, I'm a little unconventional music wise.

    But agree with PP, check out the Vitamin String Quartet if you want something that is new music but done in a classy way. With 300+ albums I am sure you will come across something that you will like. Our pre-ceremony music will be VSQ.
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    I walked down the aisle to The Way I Am by Ingrid Michaelson - I loved it
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    Im going to be walking down the to a "whiter shade of pail".

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    We used Vitamin string quartet. The girls walked to Viva La Vida and I walked to Yellow both by Coldplay done by Vitamin String. It was great!!!
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    I'm walking down the isle to "Over the Hills and Far Away" by Led Zepplin...It goes perfect for our wedding and it's one of my favorite songs
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    I am walking down the aisle to The Planets: Jupiter.  Its instrumental, and we start it at about 3 minutes in (if you look it up on youtube).  I wasn't a fan of the wedding march.
  • You have to love Canon In D by Pachelbel or O by Cirque Du Soleil!!
  • Ok thank you all for the input so guess it doesn't matter if its instrumental or actual words.

    Hit me today that i have 108 days til the big  day!
  • I plan on walking down to the instrumental version of Bittersweet Symphony by The Verve.
  • It is overwhelming isn't it? If you're like us and want a song that will be THE song you will love for the rest of your life, a song that everyone at your wedding willl remember for the rest of their life then listen to Last Love by Whitney Steele. Last Love is the most beautiful song ever! Not that it's important, but II met my gorgeous groom to be Marques online and he IS most definately the last love of my life!

    And if you like the Gin Blossoms (we love the Gin Blossoms) see Whitney, who is so filled with heart and soul AND not to mention an incredible singer songwriter, Last Love video and tell me you can't see yourself walking down the aisle to that song! See Whitney's unofficial video of Last Love with Scotty Johnson of the Gin Blossoms here:

    Marques found this Whitney Steele song for us and I love it...  If you need a wedding song, walk down the aisle song or first dance song, I'll share my wedding song with you!. We bought it on CD Baby and know every word by heart!

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