Hallelujah as wedding song?

So I am having strings for my ceremony, and I wanted something different than traditional classical strings music to walk down the aisle to.

Thoughts on this:

Re: Hallelujah as wedding song?

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    i absolutely love that song but was a little wary when you mentioned it as a wedding song because some of the lyrics dont sound wedding appropriate if taken at face value. as an instrumental string piece it is amazing and a perfect song for walking down the aisle.  i might have to steal your idea if my BF decides he want to get married in his church. which doesnt allow the traditional wedding march.
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    I LOVE this song, and it always makes me weepy (in a happy way). I think it would be great for your wedding.

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    I am looking for something with more fanfare for me, but that's my personal preference.  In terms of its musical value, it's totally appropriate and unique.  It would be a special touch of you and your FI on the wedding, and it would make it memorable.  Go for it!! 
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    great choice!! love this song! our wedding strings group was great and they played The Prayer and Bittersweet Symphony for our wedding!! and Hallelujah for the cocktail hour. i think their website was if you need someone, I would recommend them!!
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    I used this song, its so beautiful. I used it at the prelude tho.
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