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This isn't exactly for my wedding but I thought I might get some good advice here.  I've been doing photography on my own for a while now and I have been asked to do several weddings but have not yet done any of them and turned it down.  Lately though I've been considering doing it on the side.

I've been wanting to invest in a good camera for a long time now and am finally in a financial situation where I could spend about $1,000-$1,500 on a nice camera.  Are there any photographers out there that could recommend a good one to me in that price range?  Or is that still not a lot, should I spend more to get a good quality one?  Just looking for a little advice and some tips, thanks in advance!
~elizabeth hope

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    Yes it does, thank you very much!
    ~elizabeth hope
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    My FI recently purhcase a Canon 7D (several wedding photographers we interviewed use this body and others in the Canon line).  Canon has a trade-in program where you can trade in ANY broken Canon camera and get 20% off of a refurb.  FI sent them an old point & shoot I had that I dropped on the lens and saved over $400. 

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    Hi Elizabeth!
    I think it's awesome that you want to get started with wedding photography! However, I don't think that $1,500 is a reasonable budget to get started with. You really need at least two cameras to do wedding photography and the cameras that professionals are using start at 2,000 + just for the camera bodies (you still need lenses, batteries, flashes, cards etc.) I say you need two cameras because it absolutely WILL happen that one will go down on you at an event at some point. And you will need back-up. If you don't have the budget, I would recommend renting equipment for each job you get and pricing your services to cover those costs. Also, make sure you get a business license, resale certificate, and liability insurance before you shoot anything for pay! Good luck!!

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