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Negotiate Price at a Sandals Resort??

As we all probably know, photography is expensive. We have a destination wedding at a Sandals in St. Lucia, and a reception a couple weeks later back home. We have a photographer for the reception, and we negotiated a little for the price and what we would get. Can we do this at a Sandals too?? They are CRAZY expensive and it's stressing me out! If anyone knows if their photo prices are "set in stone" or negotiable it would be awesome if you could give your two cents, thanks!

Re: Negotiate Price at a Sandals Resort??

  • sprat85sprat85
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    We had pictures taken a Sandals, not for a wedding just their sunset package.  They seemed to be pretty set in stone about their prices, but you could always try.  My recommendation is just pay for all of the pictures on a CD.  (I think they had a special on this when we were there.)  They will give you printing rights.  Then you can print your own pictures out and make an album yourself if you want one.  The only other thing I would recommend is if you want a big print (over 8 x 10) maybe order from them.  I only say that because most pictures on CD's are not put on there well enough to have big prints made off of them.
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