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Wedding photo pkgs under $500??

Hello ladies,
     I am getting married and I am on tight budget. I need to hire a good quality photographer that offers wedding packages under $500. My wedding will be located in the south part of Metro Atlanta. Do any of you have anybody in mind? I've seen some low cost photogs hired in a couple of weddings which were a little unprofessional, almost becoming guests and part of the wedding. I am looking for a low cost pro. Hope to hear from somebody soon. 


Re: Wedding photo pkgs under $500??

  • atomicphotoatomicphoto
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    You are not likely to find a true professional photographer in Atlanta for under $500. It's just not possible to run a legally operated business at that rate. Perhaps try contacting the photography department at SCAD and see if you can find a photography student that is willing to work at that rate. 
    It really is a gamble trying to find someone with that low of a budget, it can be done... but you really have no guarantee that you are going to get quality photos or professionalism. 
  • JessicaNewtonJessicaNewton
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    I can help! I'm a wedding photographer in Pensacola, Florida and all of my packages are $500 or lower. 

    Obviously there would be travel expenses since I'm farther away but even with traveling, I doubt it would send you over $500. My $200 package is for 6 hours of wedding coverage plus a digital disc with the rights to all the images included. 

    It just all depends on what you are looking for and how many hours of coverage you need. My website is JessicaNewtonPhotography.Webity.Org(but it is under construction). If you need more examples of my work I welcome it =) My email is Email me if you are interested!

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    Hello Jessica,
         Thank you for your reply.
    About how much would you charge for travel expenses?
    Thank you.

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