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Spend more for less or less $ for more?? Pro photogs help

Photog #1 we loved his work and clicked with him.  He had traditional but also edgy.  His photos really captures you.  He is expensive, like over 25% more, if we want some of the items in other packages (album, parent books). Neither of us liked his album (the product, not the design).  He does include 250 proof prints and the CD.  If we go with no prints/album, the price is about the same as #2.

Photog #2 we were happy with but not really "wow-ed" by them.  They are less edgy and seem slightly less skilled.  Their package costs less than photog #1 and includes album, parent books, proof book, guest book, enlargement, slide show, and more hours.

So...would you go with #1 or #2?

Re: Spend more for less or less $ for more?? Pro photogs help

  • fallbride1109fallbride1109 member
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    I would pick #1--you get what you pay for.  I would try and craft a package that includes only the essentials to bring the price down some (you can always make your parents' albums yourself, have prints made yourself, etc. as long as you have printing rights to the images.)  To get our photographer, I cut out bridals and made parents' albums myself (PIB), but we did get a professional album for ourselves, which we felt was worth it.
  • sprat85sprat85 member
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    I would recommend you go with #1.  You want photos that you are going to love, and everything will go better if you "click" with the photographer.  With that being said I made my own parents albums.  I did get a professional album made through the photographer but that was because I took out the engagement session and a few other things to get the album.  I would create a package you are happy with, with #1.  As stephie said, you can always make your own prints as long as you get printing rights. 

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    I would definitely go with #1. You can make the album yourself or hire someone else to do the album design for you. If you aren't in love with your pictures why even bother with an album?
  • Santorini2011Santorini2011 member
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    Good point guys!  I hadn't even considered how pointless an album is if we are excited over the style of the pictures.
  • lvsshutterlvsshutter member
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    Everyone is right! Go with the photos you love ... that's the best thing you have to remember the day by!

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  • sandraphotosandraphoto member
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    Definitely go with choice one! People tend now a days to loose track of teh act that the photographer use to be the most important part of their wedding day. I've heard some nightmare stories and honestly i'd rather pay a little more for quality and a job well done, you only get married once. That would def. be something i splurge on and maybe save money somewhere else. you can even just get the photo's done by the photographer you like and save money by getting them printed in an album from an album website. I worked with artisticalbums.com and they were really professional and creative with their work... i recommend them to a lot of people looking to try to save a little money.

    But yeah photography is important and you will be happier when you see the results from the photographer you feel you trust more to do a better job and take the kidsn of pictures you want to see
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    Definitely go with the one whose work "speaks to you".  You'll regret it if you don't.
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