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Type of Equipment used for Cinema Quality Video

HI there I was wondering what kind of equipment I should look for when evaluating wedding video vendors? We are looking for very high quality video. I have one guy whos videos I like but uses Canon Mark II and Canon 7D. Does this mean anything to anyone??


Re: Type of Equipment used for Cinema Quality Video

  • geobowlangeobowlan
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    I know a company that uses a 5d camera and when We did our research that was a better quality camera. These guys are super awesome and have been working with us to create something that is original and will be amazing. I totally reccomend these guys. the company is called tetra films check them out.
  • jessmeyer1985jessmeyer1985
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    The Canon 5D and 7D are both top of the line cameras.  They have draw backs of course, like the jello effect (CMOS Censor) that is produced if they move to quickly, but their interchangable lenses and rich colors make up for it.  I'd say just make sure the camera opperator is using some sort of steady cam.  If he's trying to hand hold a 5D or 7D, chances are it will be crap.  Otherwise I'd say make sure their Audio is good also.  If they are using the 5D, make sure they aren't just using the built in Mic.  It needs to be a nice wireless mic.
    Other than the 5D, the Canon XHA1 is also a pretty good camera for low light, as well as the Sony EX1 / EX2.  The Sony camera's have some pretty great features.  But again, if you're looking for a true film look, the Canon 5D Mark II is a great way to go.  You can put a 50mm 1.4 on there and get some awesome Depth of Field.  

    Also.  Don't let a company try and charge you more for shooting HD.  That's such a scam.  Every company should be shooting HD by now.  If they even give you an SD option, I'd say it's crap.   

    Okay that's all.. Hope I've helped. If you have any extra questions feel free to ask. 
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