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How much should I pay a highschool kid to do our videography??

After reading many recommendations regarding videography, I have decided we should get a videographer.  Since I didn't set out budgeting for a videographer, I have decided to ask my moms coworker's son.  He is in highschool but very mature and has experience with videography (but not with weddings).  Has anyone else used a student videographer? Any suggestions on how much I should pay him would be GREATLY appreciated. We are only going to have him do the 1 hour ceremony and not the reception.  THANK YOU!!

Re: How much should I pay a highschool kid to do our videography??

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    Is he just holding a camera and filming or is he editing it in any way? If he's just holding a camera for an entire hour $100 is a nice chunk of change in his pocket and isn't much for you (well, IDK since I don't know what is considered a lot or not for you)... or, you could get him a gift or gift card(s)... 
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    Milsey- He will be editing it.  What would you suggest with him doing editing??  Thanks for your help!

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    Good Morning,
    I am a  videographer and have done many video weddings ... I have since retired, but I stopped by the "Knot" to see what challenges B & G's are experiencing  when selecting a videographer for their video wedding ... first thing I noticed is that many of  B & G's are having the same problems (the big problem is NO MONEY left in the budget) selecting the right video person(s)  ... so, I wrote an article that tells the B & G how they can get the wedding video recorded for FREE  and/or for very little money... normally it sells  on the net for $14.97 but you or someone you know (who is going to tie the Knot) can heve it for FREE ... just contact me and I will tell you how to get it for nothing!!
    My Best,
    John Kone
    [email protected]   or  Cell: 678-644-1748
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    For a high school student, I'd say $100 to shoot the footage, $100 to edit and compile the video :)
    If it's possible, try to get in contact with video production college students at your local colleges if you want a little better quality without shelling out big bucks (Art Institute is a good one!) - this is what a group of them made for me; it's a music video about our relationship that we played at our reception:

    Good luck!
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    Hi there!  My name is Lauren and I'm a wedding planner in Hawaii and California, but I also have a handy blog on my website that I publish and would like to share it with you... espcially since today I wrote an article about videography-- hope it will help you gain some insights!  Good luck!!!
    and my facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/L-4-Love/109579892459848#!/pages/L-4-Love/109579892459848
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