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Well I had some issues with my MOH, we got our issue fixed....well now my photographer who was suposted to do my pics for the wedding has decided that throwing his girlfriend a birthday party is more important....he claims he FORGOT the wedding date and thought it was 2 weeks later than what it is....I have no idea where he got this idea but now that has led me to having no photographer for the wedding....so now I need some help figuring out what to do...I mean is it tacky if I hand off a couple of high end digitals to family that I know have a good eye and have them get pics? 

Re: crisis...

  • 1. Did you not have a contract with this photographer?
    2. What is your budget for a new photographer?
  • Did you have a contract with your photographer? If you did and he broke the contract, I would try to take some sort of action against him. Or is this a friend who agreed to do the pics verbally?

    I would probably want to try to get another photographer and get a contract in writing to prevent this happening again. I mean you CAN have friends/family take pics, but you will probably be missing a lot of shots that a photographer would get, plus you would miss out on the professional editing, etc.

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  • A professional photographer might be preferable but there is always another way. I heard of this website called trycapsule.com/weddings where you and all of your guests are able to take photos of your wedding and they automatically upload into one place for everyone to see. Seems like a cool new way if you can't find a professional photographer. 
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    Call around to all of the photographers in your area - someone may surprise you by having an opening, and frankly, a professional photographer will almost definitely be superior to friends and family (if nothing else, because the pro is 100% dedicated to getting the shots you want, while your friends and family are likely at least 50% focused on having a good time and enjoying the free food and drinks instead of photographing you).

    Also, ditto someone else's suggestion about taking dumbass photog to court if you had a contract with him (depending on how much he owes you, you could probably do this yourself without an attorney in small claims court).
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  • I have a  friend's sister who HAD to have a 10k wedding dress and a three week European honeymoon.  To save money, she skipped the photographer and was planning on relying on family and friends to get her all the shots she wanted.  She got into a huge fight with her sister (a different sister) because she showed up late and they didn't get any shots done before the wedding. An hour and a half after the wedding, they finally went to their reception - without some very important shots!  She never got a formal posed shot of her with her mom.  A professional is definitely the way to go and unfortunately, it sounds like the guy you initially hired wasn't a professional at all. Call around and let them know what happened. You'll be surprised at how nice some photographers can be!
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