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Disposable Cameras on tables?

Who is doing this? Which cameras do you recommend?

Or is this a waste of money?
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Re: Disposable Cameras on tables?

  • iloveu4everiloveu4ever member
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    I so want to do that.

  • fallbride1109fallbride1109 member
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    edited December 2011
    No one really does this anymore.  Most people bring their own digital cameras and anything from a disposable will be very low quality.  What most girls do are photosharing cards which list whatever photosharing site you choose so that your guests can upload their digital photos there.  You can use the business cards you get for free from Vistaprint.  I have PIB of mine.
  • teamdynamiteteamdynamite member
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    I'm hoping to incorporate something for the little ones that love taking pictures. My daughter "stole" my mother's camera for my brother's wedding. We ended up with a lot of the same photos (seven at least of two groomsmen in the same "pose"), but the view from all her being three feet tall or so was fun! It was definitely interesting to see things from her point of view :)
  • Kit1031Kit1031 member
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    Total waste of money.  pp is right.  Most people will bring their own digital cameras.  Set up an account with a photo site (like flicker or photobucket)  and ask everyone to place their pics there for you.  So much easier than dealing with disposable cameras!
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    Bad idea.  I work in a photo lab printing pictures and I see what a huge waste of money this is fairly often.  You will shell out another few hundred dollars to get these pics developed and maybe 10% will be keepers.  You will get a lot of completely dark unrecognizable photos.  Just stick with encouraging people to give you digital files of what they shoot.  You will save soooo much money and disappointment.
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    Oh honey, don't waste your money!
    Most of the time, the don't get returned... people forget to turn them in, people get drunk and think it's funny to take boob shots or butt shots, they're usually out of focus or shots are taken so far back from the dancefloor (or the cake cutting or what-have-you) that when you get the prints back the purpose of the shot is SO tiny that the prints are useless. Kids use them up on things like the floor, half of groups of people... etc.

    If you can't afford for your photographer to stay to cover the wedding... let me suggest that you hire a photography student. They should have a good enough camera and lenses. If the lens(es) they won't work well in something as dimly lit as a reception (and they SHOULD know what their lens is capable of) have them (or you) rent a lens from a photography store. Renting lenses are super cheap!
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