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The Pros?

Have any of you used The Pros for your wedding photography?  I am reluctant to use them because of the limited number of pictures posted with my recommended photographers.

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  • R.WilsonnyR.Wilsonny member
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    I have not had firsthand experience with them, but I have not seen one positive review of this company.....too bad you are in Alabama because I would recommend my photographer - she's super nice, takes beautiful pictures, and is very responsive. Unfortunately, she is here in NY :(
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    Thanks.  That helps a lot.  I wanted to see more pictures and asked my advisor, but have yet to hear back.  My photographer fell through this week and apparently everybody is getting married on the same day I am.  I met 5 people in the course of dress shopping that share my day.  I'm in panic mode!
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    The Pros = run away!
  • jemmini6jemmini6 member
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    They are difficult to work with because all they really are is a subcontracting company.  They take your money and hire a sub in your area to do your photos.  You have no way of knowing reviews on that particular photographer, etc since they don't actually work directly for The Pros.  Basically, I wouldn't recommend it...
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    I was just about to offer you to check out my website, but I looked at your date, and I'm taken too.   It's crazy how so many people book same days.   I just had to turn down a couple who wanted me for Nov 12th, 2011.   I'm already booked for that date, but no other dates even close to it!  It urkes us as much as it urks the brides!

      Good luck searching.  You will be ok.
    Don't hesitate to look at out of state photog's.

    Nashville Photographer.
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    I have seen terrible reviews.  A few people on my local have given some lukewarm recommendations, but the overwhelming response is that they are awful, and honestly I don't think it's worth the gamble since you only get one shot to get good wedding photos.

    Go to your local board and ask for recommendations.  Even though mine is dead, girls come out of the woodwork to talk about their photog.  If you don't have much luck there, try your local board on The Nest (since that's where the married ladies tend to hang out).
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    our photographer is awesome. hes a destination photographer, he'll travel anywhere hes an established photographer but trying to build a destination portfolio, his prices are awesome and he only charges actual cost for travel.
  • shoreshotz1shoreshotz1 member
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    FYI...the pros pay the main photographer $300 a me I say that is taking a huge chance that they will care about the quality of photos they take under another business name.  Find someone local that has good reviews.
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    Thanks y'all!  I hired my photographer today... and he is not from The Pros.
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