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How many hours?

I just booked my dream photographer for an awesome price but she only quoted me for 4 hours, it's $250 for each additional hour. Our ceremony starts at 5 and ends at midnight. Is four hours enough time?

Re: How many hours?

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    Me too I found a photographer for like 1000 but she only does it for 5 hours :(

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    It depends on if you want "getting ready" shots and if you're taking any pictures before the ceremony.  I had my photographer for 8 hours, from me getting ready until the very end of the night.  But some girls have their photographers leave after cake cutting/bouquet toss--you just need to figure out what you want and then work back from there.  We did an exit, so I wanted my photographer there until the end of the night.

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    Yowza!  250 for each additional hour!  What are the package prices for an 8 hour wedding? Perhaps it'd be cheaper to go with a package that might include more items?
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    No way will you get the type of coverage you want with 4 hours.  You should check to see what the next hourly package cost.  You can knock off an hour or so at the end of the reception if you are not doing a special  leaving the venue photo opt.  The photographers we have spoken with suggest to start with 6 hours.
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