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hiring a destination photographer?

my best friend is getting married and can't afford the photographer she loved, so i'm trying to help her. the wedding is going to be great and i know it would add some flair to any portfolio. my question is... isn't it less expensive to hire a destination photographer? i've seen that some of them offer free photography and only charge travel fees, but does that usually end up costing just as much as hiring a local photographer? i know there are probably several answers to that but was just trying to look for suggestions or advice : )  has anyone tried this approach?

Re: hiring a destination photographer?

  • atomicphotoatomicphoto member
    Fourth Anniversary 100 Comments
    edited December 2011
    Destination photographers usually entails a wedding at an exotic travel type location, i.e- hawaii, mexico, europe, puerto rico, bahamas, etc.

    Most destination photographers will actually cost More... the cost of photography and the cost of travel expenses. If the photographer is offering free photography and just charging travel fee's, thit usually entails some sort of special circumstances. This offer is not overly common, it usually happen honestly, because the photographer really wants to visit said location.

    Is your friend getting married in Mississippi? If so, I hate to give bad news but, no pro photographer is going to consider that a "destination wedding" and offer to do it for free, regardless of how nice the wedding is.
    Your best bet is to look at local colleges and find a photography student that is building their portfolio and will charge a somewhat lower rate.

    Hope this clarifies things a bit.
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    If a photographer is only charging someone for travel than they aren't experienced with destination weddings or they are just plain inexperienced overall.  Destination weddings can have huge fees associated with them that 'regular' weddings don't.  If the photographer is worth anything then they'll charge accordingly.
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    thank you for your opinions. unfortunately i have to disagree. some people truly love to travel and it's not all about money. new places inspire creativity and most artists simply enjoy being inspired.

    there is nothing wrong with mississippi. it's a beautiful state with the most beautiful plantation homes and huge oak trees and i love it here. it's no hawaii or puerto rico but i prefer a photographer that sees the beauty in the imperfect and enjoys a challenge, so it looks like we'll be going with someone who's 'not worth anything' and have a blast : )
  • teamdynamiteteamdynamite member
    edited December 2011
    Leslie Spurlock of Dallas, Texas, is a fabulous photographer!! She travels around the US and even did a wedding in Italy! She's somewhat pricey - I think my SIL paid $3500 for eight hours wedding coverage, two photographers, prints, engagement shots and online viewing. She offered to do my wedding in KC, but FI and I found someone local that we like just as well and was slightly more "affordable". You can find her on facebook or www.lesliespurlock.com

    I highly recommend this woman to anyone looking for someone to document your entire wedding day - from getting ready, the dancing, the flowers to all the fun candid, unexpected shots. HTH!!
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    Uh yeah.  I sure hope your 'photographer who isn't worth anything' get's a taste of your attitude BEFORE they send you a contract.  You get what you pay for.
  • shoreshotz1shoreshotz1 member
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    edited December 2011
    SHORESHOTZ1.COM loves to travel and charges only travel fee, flight & 3 nights hotel plus $100 day expenses...includes welcome diner coverage and 8 hours of wedding day, all editing, re-touching and a coffee table album. 
  • atomicphotoatomicphoto member
    Fourth Anniversary 100 Comments
    edited December 2011
    it wasn't an opinion, it is a fact. Also, I wasn't saying anything bad about Mississippi, I was actually trying to explain to you what the term "destination wedding" actually means; Travel within the continental United States [usually] does not qualify as a destination wedding; And yes this is according to many Professional Wedding Photographer organizations and associations as well as most any professional [destination] wedding photographer.

    And where Im sure there are plenty of photographers that just love to travel (i am one of them), most professional photographers like to be able to pay their bills as well (call me crazy but I like having electricity).

    I was trying to be helpful, seeing as though i am an esablished professional photographer and thought I could help to clarify since you seemed to misunderstand the term "destination photographer" in your post. If you are going to recieve an attempt at genuine assistance with atiitude and snarky hostility just because Its not the answer you wanted to hear, I suggest you reconsider posting any questions at all.
  • edited December 2011
    atomic photo: i am truly sorry for my hostility. if it makes up for it at all, i had just found out my dog of 16 years passed away : (  so i was a little emotional if you couldn't tell! i totally misinterpreted your message but instead of asking for clarity i got defensive and i apologize. i see now what you meant and definitely understand. thank you for not only pointing out the facts, but also explaining the reasons why those are the facts in a professional manner : )

    everyone else, thanks so much for the suggestions! i agree with atomic photo, and it's probably going to end up costing just as much even if i do find someone that would do it for a discount. i'm sure we'll find something wonderful though
  • lana2007lana2007 member
    edited December 2011
    check out www.lanarenee.com
    ask about destination weddings.. they are just airfare + hotel
    With love from Chile... I blog. Check it out here: www.lanarenee.com
  • atomicphotoatomicphoto member
    Fourth Anniversary 100 Comments
    edited December 2011
    Thank you for the apology :)
    We all have bad days now and then, and with the passing of your dog i completely understand. I have to cats  and they are like children, so im pretty sure id be a basketcase if one of them passed away.
    Good luck with your photographer hunt, I hope you find someone wonderful and within your budget!
  • edited December 2011
    thank you!!
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