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Hi Knotties :)

I think I've found "the one". The one photographer that is! I really lover her work and we get along well. The FI and I are supposed to go sign the contract and everything tonight, but he has a problem with the amount of images she provides. For 7 hours she provides between 475 - 600 photos.

We did meet with other photographers who provided more images, but their quality wasn't that great. I think the amount we're getting is fine, but I have no clue about these kind of things.

What is the standard amount of photos people usually receive?

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  • fallbride1109fallbride1109
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    I received like 875+ I think--but I had my photographer for over 8 hours and had 3 shooters.  I don't know what is standard but that sounds like a good amount.  The quality of the photography is more important than the amount of photos IMO--if you don't like them, it won't matter how many of them there are.
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    That is a good amount. It most likely means that you are getting a Quality over Quantity photographer. Which is a good thing. 400-1000 is pretty standard for a quality photographer. With the others you are getting so many because they just "spray and pray" meaning they just constantly take pic's of anything and everything and pray they get some good shots. In the end you end up with 2000 shots to sort through and maybe only a couple hundred decent ones.
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    It's way too hard to judge by numbers.  A digital camera can take 5+ photos per second, which can amount to tons and tons of photographs.  Judge by the quality of what your getting, not quantity.
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  • JR0913JR0913
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    As a photographer, I'd like to offer my two cents.  

    The advantage of more images is that you  then have a more involvement in what you might whittle down to 100-200 images that you would print, share online, etc.  The disadvantage is that most people I know set out with the best of intentions but never actually make it through all the photos and get them organized.

    The advantage of a smaller collection is that you can simply DO something with it right away.  You don't feel lost in the largess of the project.  The disadvantage (which, depending on your photographer, may not exist) is that you're then relying solely on your photographer's interpretation of events and don't have as much say in the final set.

    I personally prefer to be somewhere in-between.  I don't want my couples to feel overwhelmed, but I also don't want them to feel too boxed in.  I prefer to deliver 400-700 photos.  Sometimes the situation warrants a larger set be delivered, but almost never more than 1000.  Sometimes a smaller set, but almost never fewer than 100 - even when I'm hired for just a couple of hours.  

    I hope this helps!

  • ZainabAZainabA
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    If you don't mind me asking, who is the photographer? I am currently looking for one too

    I personally think that is a good amount because many have told me 100-200 pictures! how insane is that lol
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    OK, 100 - 200 is not cool haha

    My photographer is Nataly Lemus. She's a former Knottie and takes awesome photos! She came highly recommended in a ton of posts, check her out!
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