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first look photos- down the aisle, or pre-ceremony?

Hi Ladies!

Lately I've been struggling with seeing my fiance prior to walking down the aisle for pictures. We really want to enjoy our cocktail hour and use it as a time to greet our guests so we can enjoy our time at the reception. My only concern is will i have that same moment if we do the first look prior to the ceremony as it would be walking down the aisle?

Have any of you fellow brides done the same? Did you still have that moment?


Re: first look photos- down the aisle, or pre-ceremony?

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    We are not doing the first look photos.  I'm pretty traditional and don't want FI to see me until I walk down the aisle.  Yes, you'll miss the cocktail hour but you'll have the reception to spend time with friends and family.
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    We are also very traditional but we decided at the last minute to do a first look and we don't regret it one bit.  We got beautiful pictures of my husband's reaction--emotion he might not have shown standing in front of 100 people.  It made the stress of the day just melt away and we were able to take pictures, see the ballroom, etc. together.  And my heart was still pounding when I got ready to go down the aisle.

    It's simply a personal preference.  But the moment you see your FI and he sees you for the first time is special no matter when it is done.
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    We are doing a first look solely because I know the reaction with just me will be 100x better than in front of 100 people.

    Also, Stephie's first look pics = absolutely priceless.  I get all teary-eyed when I blogstalk hers ;)
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    I cant see stephies photos- maybe Im not doing it right? Im really interested in this idea too. Im nervous as heck to walk down that isle and I feel like it could ease the uneasyness :)
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    We aren't going to do first look because fh thinks its bad luck. I would have like to because it think it seems like a nice moment to share privately before you have to walk out in front of everyone.
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