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Bridal shower and inviting out of state guests

I have a lot of family that are out of state.  Should I invite them to my bridal shower even though I know they won't be able to make it? 

Re: Bridal shower and inviting out of state guests

  • jerseydeviljerseydevil
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    Yes. If they are some one who would be invited had they lived more locally, then yes, you should. They may surprise you with a yes and enjoy the excuse to visit.

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    We didn't invite my aunt who lives in Colorado to my shower in Massachusetts because we knew she wouldn't come and didn't want it to look like I was hoping she'd send a gift.

    But I think that FSIL is inviting FI's aunts who live in Ohio and Connecticut to my shower in Maryland, because they might make the trip.
  • banana468banana468
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    It really depends on the hostess and the family dynamic.

    DH's family from NH drove to CT for my bridal and baby showers. 
  • Mrs.B6302007Mrs.B6302007
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    DItto banana about the family dynamic.  I've been invited to a wedding shower  (and later, a baby shower for her) 4 states away.  While I get that they probably just wanted to make sure I didn't feel excluded, I did give the side eye and took it as a gift grab since they had to have known I wouldn't drive 11 hours one way for one afternoon.   My family just doesn't invite outside of a couple of hour drive.
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  • mandi921vhmandi921vh
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    It depends on the family dynamic and if they are able to make the trip or not. 
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