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When do you send out Bridal Shower invitations?

Hi girls,

I ask this because I am a little worried about timing... My mom and sister are throwing my bridal shower 6 weeks before my wedding. I was planning on sending out my wedding invitations 10 weeks before the wedding (which I believe is a little on the early side) because they include hotel information, etc. This is obviously 4 weeks before the shower which also seems like the prime time that my mom and sister would be sending out shower invites. I know guests are supposed to received wedding invites first, then shower invites, so does this mean they should send out my shower invites 3 week prior to the shower (which would be 1 week after receiving my wedding invitation) or does that seem like not enough time? Or should I send mine out earlier than 10 weeks prior to the wedding date? What would you do? I just dont want to be sending them out at the same time or too close together... ?

Thank you!

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Re: When do you send out Bridal Shower invitations?

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    I had never heard, before The Knot, that the wedding invitations must go out first. It's essential that all shower guests receive wedding invitations, also. If it will make you feel better though, go ahead and send the wedding invitations out at 11 weeks, but use the original RSVP date. The 4 week notice for the shower is perfect.
  • I'm not really sure about this one either, but I would think 11 weeks is plenty of time.

    Also, I love your screen name!  My H's name starts with a B and that is what we always say to each other "I love you B"  Very cute ;)


  • My nephew is getting married in May and I got an invite to his fiance's January bridal shower a week before the shower.  That seemed a tad early to me for a bridal shwoer, but everyone does things their own way. Unfortunately, the last minute invite didn't fit my schedule, so I missed it; so I'd say earlier the better in sending invites.

    Obviously I hadnt received a wedding invite, and they hadn't sent out save the dates, I just knew through Facebook and my mom of their wedding date.  I think as long as the invitees know you're getting married, getting an invite to the bridal shower before the wedding invite is not a huge faux pas. It would be odd if I got a bridal shower invite to a wedding I didn't know was planned though.
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  • I don't really think it matters.  My shower is April 30th and I am planning on sending out the wedding invites the last week of march/first week of April.  I already sent out STDs so they know that they are invited to the wedding.  I think my shower host will most likely send out the shower invites around the same time I do the wedding invites because people will have to travel to get there.
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    I have also never heard that the wedding invites must go out before the shower invites.  My shower is a little earlier than usual, in May (due to the MOH/host being pregnant & due in early July), and our wedding is in August, so my shower invites will be going out before the wedding invites. 

    We did send out save the dates, though, so the shower invitees already know our date. 

  • Thank you! I guess I should just stop worrying about the shower invites going out before the wedding invites... Everyone knows we are getting married in June so they will probably just received shower invites and then wedding invites a couple weeks later.

     Thank you all for your input!
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