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Bridal Shower Seating Dilemma

As my sister's Matron of Honor, I am hosting her girls only bridal shower.  It is going to be a relatively large shower with 48 guests.  I am hosting the shower at our mother's house, outside in her (incredibly gorgeous) backyard.  It will be a seated buffet luncheon.  Since it is a shower, and not a formal party, I'm not sure if I should make seating arrangements for the guests or let them sit where they want.  Because it's such a large party I'm concerned that people may feel lost if I don't assign seating, but I don't want the party to seem too stuffy either.  Please help!  

Re: Bridal Shower Seating Dilemma

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    Please let them sit where they want. everyone will be happier in the end! 
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    I don't see a need for seating assignments at a shower.
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    My shower was a buffet at a restaurant, about 30-35 people.  The hostess assigned people to three tables: one was me and my friends, one was my mom's friends that I grew up with, and one was family.  As the bride, I thought it was nice because I didn't feel like I was slighting anyone by not sitting at their table, since tables were assigned.  Also, when you have a larger group of people, I think it can be nice to make people feel like they don't have to race to claim a seat with their friends.  I definitely would not assign seats, though. 

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    I didn't have assigned seating at my shower.  I knew there were two friends coming who wouldn't know anyone but me, so I had an idea in my head of who I could seat these ladies with.  When each of them came in I told them they were welcome to sit where they wanted but I thought they might enjoy sitting with table X.  Then I walked them over and introduced them to the other people at the table.  I didn't want anyone to have that awkward moment of "I don't know anyone, where do I sit?"  It worked really well.
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    I think that assigned tables is a nice idea, for those who may not know very many peole it saves from the awkward walk around finding a seat. I would agree table assignments are good but assigned seating around the table seems too formal.
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    Thanks for the input.  I really like the idea of table arrangements instead of assigned seating - that seemed too formal to me too.
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