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Budget and DIY Weddings

DIY ideas for Red and Black Themed Weddings

Just wanted to share some ideas I found and created for my Red and Black Themed Wedding.  I want to try more but still figuring out how I want to put them together.  All of the supplies were purchased at Hobby Lobby, they were having great sales!

#1-Round Mirror plate for everything to sit on, tall glass candleholder, clear glass gems(used a half the bag), bought a bundle of silk roses and cut them up individually and stuck one inside the candlholder in between the gems to hold it upright, filled it up with water but left enough room for a floating candle at the top, used 3 small clear glass votive candleholders with red candles, and sprinkled silk rose petals around it. 

#2-Same routine as #1 but used black gems for inside the glass candlholder and found red rose floating candles.

#3-Lighted tree branches(operated on batteries) inside of red vases, used black gems to hold it upright.  Still might add some extra decor in with it.

Re: DIY ideas for Red and Black Themed Weddings

  • I am also doing red and black, and i am stumped on centerpieces i love the 1st one, the 2nd one is hard to see cause of the black and the lighted tree branches are beautiful! Nice work!
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  • If you are on Pinterest, I have a wedding ideas board on there that I found a bunch of different ideas for red and black wedding decor.

  • I am interested in Red Black and White Ideas also
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  • for my centerpieces, I am using Ikea lanterns like this:


    I bought mine in black and white though. For the white ones, I am actually painting them red. Then, I am taking out the glass panes and replacing them with photos. I'll post pictures once I have them made... I am still in the painting stages.

    I have lots of other red and black (and grey) ideas that are in the works....
  • I love the lantern idea as well.  I am doing something with lanterns outside during the ceremony.  We are lining shepards hooks to extend the aisle longer and hanging little black lanterns with red candles inside.  Instead of putting a lantern on every hook I am going to alternate lanterns and bows made out of Tulle Material.  I found a how-to on making Tulle bows, going to try and make red and black Tulle Bows.  Also, instead of using an aisle runner, we are using red silk rose petals to line the aisle.

    These lanterns I found at Hobby Lobby.  Candles I bought at a Dollar Store.

    Using this Shepards Hook Idea but with Lanterns and bows.

  • ikea actually has red and black lanterns for 3.99
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