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MR & MRS letters

Can someone guide me towards a place to get the MR & MRS wooden letters...?  I want to have them on our sweetheart table, I dont mind if they are plain and I have to paint/decorate. 
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Re: MR & MRS letters

  • I get all my letters from Micheals/ AC Moore.
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  • Most of your craft stores will have letters. You might check with crafty eddie also. I don't have the link but i've seen it on here in recent weeks.
  • I've seen them at Michael's and Joann's, but none of these had a base to it -- just the letters

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  • You can also try a local hardware store.  It works for me. 
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  • Email crafty eddy. His email is craftyeddy@gmail.com. He will make then any size and font you like and he literally ships them about a day or two after you order them. You can't go wrong with him, honestly.
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  • My DIY Mr & Mrs letters are in this photo here. The base was a wooden plank at the end of the aisle with all the unfinished wood pieces. Use wood glue to attach the letters to it. I got both the letters and wooden plank at AC Moore but I'm sure Michaels or any other craft store has them as well. There are a variety of thickenesses and lengths and this length was perfect. I still have to saw it to separate it into two different pieces for each side of the table, but the whole project cost about 10 dollars including white paint that I can use over again. 
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    I got mine from Hobby Lobby.
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  • I tried crafty eddy but his price was crazy. Google Kaisercraft Mr and Mrs sign, what pops up is a very decent size stand up sign in script. And if you were doing a candy buffet, that company makes a love is sweet sign too. To give you an example of price, I gave crafty eddy the same dimensions of the two signs, they were going to cost me over 80. These two on Overstock.com would me a little over 40. Good luck.
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