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Card Vase

Hi ladies--

I found this idea of using a vase as a card box. Something like below. I like it since I'm not so crafty when it comes to involving tools. 

My only concern is if this will be safe. I heard about party crashers stealing cards, etc. Both the ceremony and reception are at my church - the neighborhood is good and safe, but the church door is open so anyone can come in (although I haven't really seen total strangers in the church). I'm also trying to use a bit shallow vase (6 inch square vase), shallow enough that someone can just grab a chunk. What can I do to make it "safer"? Any ideas...?
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Re: Card Vase

  • I personally wouldn't due to kids wanting to play with stuff. My grandpa is making me a wood box and putting a lock on it
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  • I probably wouldn;t.   It's not just party crashers you have to worry about. My cousin had 50 cards stolen by the bus boy.. someone else I know had some stolen from a friend's date that she didin't know very well... it happens ALL the time,.Get something with a cover.
  • I wouldn't either unless you have a designated person to monitor it. I had a trunk with a lock on mine, and I still paid extra for someone from our venue to stand next to it from before the ceremony until after cocktail hour. The trunk was then personally handed to my mom who then put it in the hotel room. 

    We got married 11/3/12!!

  • I know it's pretty but it really isn't a good idea. It is a shame that we even have to think about someone stealing wedding presents but it happens all the time. My aunt had her purse stolen at her sons wedding and my shoes were stolen from the bridal suite at my best friends wedding. You never know what people will do!
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  • OMG! Did hear about party crashers stealing things, but didn't even consider all the other things you mentioned!! I love the idea, but I guess I have to let it go... Thanks for your comments!!
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