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What can I do with dried rose petals? Need some ideas!

So I have always dried and saved every rose petal that my FH has ever given me. Granted, I don't get flowers all the time (he thinks it's more special when it doesn't happen very often whereas I just love flowers!). Plus we have been doing long distance 1600 miles for the past 3 years so it is kind of hard to give me flowers when we are not together!

Anyway, that comment, I think I have about 4 or 5 gallon-size ziploc bags of dried rose petals. All of them have been peach roses except one time he did get me red. The whole reason I kept saving them is because I thought it would be really personal and sentimental to somehow incorporate the dried rose petals into the wedding decorations.

But I'm not really sure how! We haven't finalized the guest list yet, but I think it will be around 400 to 500 people. And at the reception, they are long banquet-style tables (no round tables).

I have thought of:

--place the rose petals in fancy or decorative bowls and place on the reception tables and then have a little card/sign or announcement that says that is where they are from! (However, I feel like I'd really have to string them out to have enough to go on all the tables. But then again, I guess I could alternate having different things on different things. Unless that wouldn't look right to match...)

--make rose potpourri and either place in decorative bowls or divy up into small containers to give to my guests as a gift. (The problem here, is that I really don't have enough of them to give it to everyone, even though I don't like the idea. And I'd rather just put plain rose petals in dishes rather than going through the trouble of making potpourri with them, if it is not being given as gifts.)

But those are the only two ideas I could come up with.

Does anyone else have any ideas of how I can use dried rose petals as decoration? (Preferably at the reception, but maybe because I don't have that terribly many, it might work better to have something small on display at the church for the ceremony.)

Re: What can I do with dried rose petals? Need some ideas!

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