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Koozie/flip flop/brushes signs

Hi everyone! - I am making signs for various things and want them to be cute and rhymey. Any suggestions welcome...

My wedding is at a church but the reception site building is on the beach and we have a board walk if people want to go down there. I have decorated paint brushes for people to brush sand off their feet. For signs I  I have seen..."To brush the beach from your feet!" but it bothers me that beach and feet don't actually rhyme. The only other thing I've come up with is "After enjoying the beach below, brush the sand from between your toes." (though my fiance felt the need to point out toes has an 's' but below does not... sigh. He's an english professor...)

For the flip flops I think I'm going to use..

If your shoes aren’t made for the beach shore

Or hurt too much to hit the dance floor

Please grab a pair of flip flops

To make sure the fun never stops

(suggestions to tweak are welcome).

For the flip flops I'm a little stumped. I want it to have a thank you msg with it as I think these will be presented more as the favors. I've seen the sayings people put ON koozies like "eat, drink, and be married" and "to have and to hold and keep your drink cold" The koozies themselves won't have a saying, just our names and dates with two little beach chairs.

Thanks for any help :) I am going to post pictures once I have the signs done!

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