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Top Candies to have for a DIY Candy Bar?

We're doing a candy bar and our colors are black, white and silver. What candies do you recommend and how many different varieties do you suggest?
Thank you
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Re: Top Candies to have for a DIY Candy Bar?

  • Cakepops are good because you can ice them in any color.  Oriental trading company has black/white lollypops that are very attractive, black cherry flavor I think.

    It never hurts to include something salty, maybe in your case, white chedder popcorn!
  • Hershey Kisses are already wrapped in silver...
    White Dinner Mints
    Junior Mints
    You can buy bags of Sixlets in any color
    Of course M&Ms
  • Awesome thanks for all the suggestions! I'm going to look around online and at Candywarehouse.com and see what I can find. I may end up mixing colors that aren't my wedding colors as much as I hate to. 
    Thanks again yall!
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  • for my DIY Candy Bar, I have:

    Salt water taffy
    Jolly Rachers
    Sour Power Straws
    Jelly Beans
    Rock Candy
    Reese's Hearts
    Chocolate Hearts
    Hershey's Kisses
  • We are using candywarehouse.com - I used them for a friends wedding and had a great experience. The Rock Candy was a huge hit and we put LED lights in the bottom, looked cool. The swirl lollipops were a hit as well!

  • I am doing all white and silver because my wedding colors are the same as yours.  I ordered most of my candy from groovycandies.com.  They were GREAT and came in quickly.  I am having the following:
    Hershey Kisses
    White M&Ms
    Grey M&Ms
    White Rock Candy
    Pearl Gumballs
    Pearl Sixlets
    Jelly Nougats
    White Choc covered Pretzels
    White Choc covered peanut clusters
    White Saltwater Taffy
    White Jordan Almonds
  • KFudge, those look great!!
    MelyndaRyan, I love that light idea, def will have to try that out!
    Brilar, Thank you for those suggestions! I'll look into groovycandies as well! :)
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