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Any ideas on how to make this pomander ball??? PIP

I really want to make this Baby's Breath pomander ball, but how?  I don't know if the baby's breath stems are thick/strong enough to use with a foam ball.  What do you think??

Re: Any ideas on how to make this pomander ball??? PIP

  • can can tape some floral wire to the stems before pushing them into the stryofoam ball so that they are sturdy.  i would definitely be doing this project as close to the wedding as possible but i would probably made a sample so i could practice.

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  • A little floral tape around the stems should suffice.
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  • Ditto floral tape.

    Also, I used a more sturdy rod or something to poke holes in the styrofoam balls when the stems weren't stiff enough to puncture it themselves, and then dropped in some glue before putting the flower in to help it fill the space if it was too big.

  • If real flowers, see above.  If you're talking about fake flowers the wire stems should be fine.  
  • That looks like real baby's breath. Baby's breath is pretty inexpensive and goes a long way. I'd practice first.

    I've grown baby's breath and used it a lot, in fact I used in my centerpieces. You are correct, the stems are not that sturdy/ strong. Floral foam (called Oasis) would probably be easier than styrofoam as it is not that hard to puncture. Finding Oasis in a round is tough, but you could buy a block and cut it as round as possible, and no one will notice if it is not perfectly round because it's covered with baby's breath.

    That looks to be about 6-7" across. I'd suggest making the ball about 3" across, as baby's breath is full and will add another 3 inches across, at least.

    I agree with the suggestions from the prior posters. When you do a sample, use maybe a hair pin to pre-poke holes if the baby's breath can't go into the Oasis easily. You could also use some form of light spray-glue, working in small sections on the ball at one time to hold it against the ball in addition to sticking it in.

    Baby's breath looks fresh for 2-3 days even without water. Once you make it you could probably make a small circle of cardboard to rest it on and place it in the fridge.

    Hope that helps.
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