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Tealights, how long will they stay lit?

I'm using several tealights for centerpieces and table decorations for my reception. How long will those little tealights in metal cups last? I really like the floating ones (they're just wax ball looking do-hickies) but they look they'll extenquish in the water after they burn to the "floating line." I may be over-analyzing but it defeats the purpose if they don't work like I want them to. Help!

Re: Tealights, how long will they stay lit?

  • I work at a wedding chapel - we usually light the reception area 10-15 minutes before the ceremony. From my experience, floating candles stay lit through the entire reception, so about 3 to 4 hours. We have had brides that bring various floating candles and they have all seemed to do fine. Tea lights stay lit the whole time for the most part. However, beware of mainstays walmart brand tealights. These are horrible and don't stay lit the entire night. If I remember, I'll check this weekend and see what brand we use at the chapel.
  • I got some long burning ones from www.quickcandles.com- They have some that burn for 7 hours.
  • the teacandles that i got at ikea last a little over 4 hours.
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    I am also going to get long burning candles from quickcandles.com. They last about 7 hours. We also found some at a little shop near us that say they are 15 hour (not that we'll need them for that long). We bought some though so we could light them before the reception and hopefully not have to worry about them.

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  • If you can't see the candle very well you can consider LED candles. I am using some larger LED candles for various places... the ones in my mini lanterns and votives are real candles though. I'm not sure how long they stay lit... I got them from Joann's website and they are more votive than tea candles which I am guessing will last longer
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