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Gift for my groom.. A compass.. But what to engrave?!

Hello All!  I am getting married on June 18, and have almost everything set.  I have bought my groom an antiqued compass, but I'd like to engrave a quote on it.  There are many awesome quotes out there but i'm having a hard time deciding the perfect one!  We're both movie fanatics (He Loves Lord of the Rings and Star Wars), so i thought it would be cool to have one from the movies.. does anyone have any suggestions?!  Thank you to all!  Happy planning!!

Re: Gift for my groom.. A compass.. But what to engrave?!

  • I like "we do not remember days, we remember moments" by Cesar Pavese.  Not a movie quotation, but I think it's nice to put on a compass and a good wedding day/starting married life together quote. 

  • "To my darling who gives direction to my life"    If you can stand the sweetness...
  • I'd google quotes that play on the "direction" idea 
  • Not sure if he likes Pirates of the Caribbean, but at the end of the first movie when Jack Sparrow is sailing off, he says, "Now, bring me that horizon."

    Kind of navigation-themed, and forward-looking toward your life together? Maybe? 
  • Towards the path of everlasting love and happiness.
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  • love the Jack Sparrow one!
  • I love that Jack Sparrow one too.  It's positive, encouraging.  Cute. 

  • You are my true north. 

    Too corny?
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    A friend gave me a compass once, and he wrote "So you can always find your way..." on the back. It was so sweet!
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  • The classic LOTR quote, "Not all who wander are lost"

    but, in a more romantic sense, maybe something like, "To always guide you back to me" or "So you can always find your way home".

    Cute idea thought!
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  • Kind of late to the party, and it may not help, but I'm putting a lyric from our wedding song on the pocket watch I'll be getting him.  "Today and every day"

    If you know what your song will be, try to spin some of the lyrics.  Or it doesn't have to be compass related at all.  If you have sayings between the two of you, use that.  Or just the wedding date so he'll never forget Wink
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  • "Wherever your heart leads, I will follow"
  • to my north star

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    I'm pretty sure OP already decided on an inscription, since this thread was from 2011.

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