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crazy registry question

I have a crazy registry question for you. My FI and I registered at two places this weekend. I'm getting married in September but my shower is in June. We have about 150 items we have registered for. We have 250 guests we plan to invite to the invite. One of the people at one of the stores we started a registry at said we need to make sure we register for enough stuff for each guest to purchase us two things. I have a feeling we are getting close to getting everything we need on our registry. Do I need to keep adding things to our registry? Also, we plan to have guest who will be giving us money (my FI is Asian and the culture believes in giving money and not gifts) and we plan to register for a website that will help us offset the honeymoon. What do you guys think?

Re: crazy registry question

  • Just register for what you want need.  I've also heard the "2 gifts per person" rule.  It's a nice guideline, but you dont have to do it.  Like you said, some people will give you cash, others wont use the registry at all.  If you find that you are having a lot of people purchase off your registry quickly, and there are not things available at different price points, you can always add a few items later if you really feel the need to.
  • That's awesome that there's a culture out there that believes in money gifts as a standard!! 

    But to answer your question...I would keep looking at things you might need (new silverware, plates, cookware, sheets, etc) if you've registered for all that then I really dont see the need to register for much else. People will just fill in the blank with whatever they deem appropriate (money, other material items, etc).

    As far as the honeymoon registry goes...NO NO NO. These sites are a scam. They end up tacking on so many fees for the transfer of money that its not really worth it. If you can find one that doesnt have that fine of print..then by all means i'm sure that there are people on your guest list that will think it an awesome idea. But in the end i really think it will be more of a headache to you and your guests. (Not to mention many people dont like the idea of their personal information being passed through a site they know nothing about.

    I hope this helps!!
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  • After the shower, you can review your registry and add more items at the time if needed...
  • I have heard the same rule but think that it should be 2 guests per party.  A couple will typically get you one gift from the both of them.  Same with a family of 4 - one gift.  Two gifts per party seems reasonable so that it's one shower and one wedding gift per person.  Although not every party will be invited to the shower some registry items are small and may be combined so it gives a little wiggle room.  Don't register for things you don't want.  You will be sad when someone purchases it and the pitcher/candle holders/whatever you really wanted sits ungifted on your registry.
  • I woudln't register for more just to add more.  Just keep an eye on the registry and make sure there are items available in various price ranges and if there aren't, add things then.
  • lemkenlemken member

    I would just register for what you sincerly need... no sense in adding more stuff just for the sake of having more stuff. We registered for movies, games, and CDs. These are things that we do often together and are important to us. If people don't want to get it for us, they don't have to. I also have a little sister going to college, so I'm replacing a few of my items and giving her my old stuff - just to make things easier on her.

  • I agree with PPs. I have also heard of the "2 gifts per guest" rule, but if FI and I did that we would be registering for over 1000 things! We have lived together for two years now and have most of the things we need, so we're looking to replace some old items and to help us decorate our new place. Otherwise, we're adding things like games and movies. We would have registerd for honeymoon stuff but FI starts his new job the Monday after our wedding and we aren't sure when we will be able to take one! just register for things you really want and maybe you'll think of some other things you can add later on if need be.
  • If you want to do a HM registry, check out www.honeyfund.com  They never handle any of the money.  Guests either send you a check, give you cash at wedding, or pay by credit card via paypal (this is optional and paypal take about ~3%).  

    As for the number of things to register for I think it depends a lot on the price and how much you think guests would spend.  If you have several more expensive items a few people may go in together to get that item for you.  I definitely tried to register for things at different price points (having a HM registry was good as I broke down more expensive things like airfare into different amounts).  I think it's very rude to not have a good selection of lower price items on your registry as you don't know the economic situation of all of your guests and don't want anybody to feel bad because they can't afford anything on your registry.
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