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shower gifts

My work wife threw me a shower at our school this afternoon, and it was lovely!  I recieved a lot of gifts from my registry.  I LOVE cooking and can't wait to try out my new gadgets, but is it OK to use wedding gifts before you are actually married???

Re: shower gifts

  • The rule is that you are not supposed to use any gifts before the wedding in case it's called off and you have to return them.
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  • I have been asking the same question.  Some people say use the stuff, some say wait in case you do not get married.

    I'll be honest, I am not opening most stuff, but I did open up my mixer I got this past weekend.
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  • Nope, you don't use any wedding gifts until after the wedding.  Definitely open things up to check for damages incase you need to return something, but then pack it away and treat yourself to a "new stuff" party the day you come back from your honeymoon!

    FYI- a few people included things that were perishable in their gifts- i.e. jars of homemade pasta sauce and fresh grated cheese in an "italian" gift basket with pots and pans... some godiva chocolates with a robe and relaxation gift set... clearly those things are not being saved :) 
  • Wait until after the wedding but do open everythign to make sure it's not broken.  If you do use things before the wedding, you'll need to have the cash on hand the replace them in the event that the wedding is called off due to the unforseen.
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    Etiquette says no.  If by some odd chance the unexpected were to happen and you were to end up not getting married, you would return the gifts.

    If there is one or two things that you really need or are dying to use, and can replace in the event of a disaster, go ahead and use it, but keep it to yourself.
  • You aren't supposed to use anything until after the wedding.  If you end up calling it off or breaking up you must return those gifts.

    If you can afford to replace everything or give the purchase price in cash to the giver then go ahead and use whatever you want.  If you can't it is best to not use things before the wedding.

    And, I've heard "oh, that'll never happen to us!"  So far two of my friends/family members have called off weddings and the fact that they opened/used all their showers gifts caused major financial and emotional headaches for them.
  • Keep a list of what everyone gave and be prepared for worst-case scenario because you will need to return them in new condition (ie buy new ones of what you opened and used).
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