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Rude to not buy from the registry?

Ok so my reason for asking this is to just get a feel for what others think.  I was talking to future-SIL and she told me that FI's parents don't believe in buying gifts off of registries (nor do they believe in giving cash).  I guess she tried to explain the concept to them when their friends got married but they didn't seem to get it. 

Now I understand that a lot of people get gifts that are not on their registries.  Like for my shower I received a personalized cake pan with a metal lid that said "Made with Love by the S___'s" (one of my fav gifts!) and I read others who received handmade pottery or items from Tiffany's, etc.  Something that has some thought in it.  Future-SIL said that for their wedding FI's parents got them a glass pitcher (same one they have) and a set of glasses that matched the pattern they registered for, but that they had specifically NOT registered for because they didn't want them.

It shouldn't annoy me and I don't want to sound bitchy and ungrateful- but I feel like they should either go for a thoughtful & creative gift, or buy off the GD registry.  I actually thought it was etiquette- you either buy off the registry or you give cash.   But maybe I'm totally off base (or maybe I'm just venting about my F-IL's lol).

What's your take on it?  :)
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