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Gifts for Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

I am starting to think about what I will be giving the wedding party at the rehersal dinner and I cannot think of anything!! I don't want to give them anything monogrammed that's cheap and will never get used. Anyone have any good ideas for something in the price range of $50-100?

Also, should I be giving our parents gifts too? That same night? Any good ideas for this?

Re: Gifts for Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

  • I just received my Exclusively weddings catalog and they have a lot of great gift items, for parents they have:father/daughter dancing figurines, handkerchiefs with customized engraving, frames for mother and father....

    For bridesmaids, they have totes, aprons, bracelets, lunch totes, robes, 3-piece spa set, ice buckets and photo frames.

    For groomsmen, they have mugs, shot glasses, cigar cutters, lighters, team frames, flasks, sports knife, pocket watches, coolers, ice buckets and toiletry bags.

    Most of these can be personalized with their names, etc. You don't have to order from this catalog/website but these were some ideas for you...good luck !
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    Shop like it is their birthday.  Get out of the clique bridal party gifts, and start thinking about them as friends, not bridesmaids.  Also, remember there is no reason to get them all the same gift.

    For example, my MOH got concert tickets.  My wine loving friend got some personalized wine glasses, a favorite bottle, and some other accessories.  I've heard of a first edition of a favorite book, and even bacon of the month club for a serious carnivore.  

    Your friends will really appreciate that you took the time to choose gifts that were about them and their personalities, not about your wedding.
  • I am liking the idea of going with a theme for all of them, but not necessarily the same thing. So, I might get them all earrings, but select each one based on their taste. Something like that. I'm also not a fan of the "bridal party gifts' the wedding industry pushes at us.

    You should also be giving your parents gifts. I know my sister did photo albums from the wedding, and got my parents a gift certificate for a brunch cruise that they really liked.
  • Concert or sporting event tickets would be well received if they are into that. But you know your BMs better than we do--pick what you know they will like. 
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  • I gave as wedding favors a custom made cologne that eventually became a great hit among our guests (with a couple of them actually asking for more later on) with a custom label with both our names and our wedding date and I was so happy because I thought it was so unique and memorable. Maybe you could do the same thing with your wedding party?
  • My friend bought us the silver ball earrings from Tiffanys.  They are $100 and worth every penny.  Now, I think it was a VERY generous gift for a bridesmaid gift, but if that's your range, I think it's a great idea.  I wear mine almost every day.  Here's a link... 
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