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My friend is a professional photographer and her gift to us is taking our wedding pictures.  In return I plan to pay for her hotel room for two nights.  Should I also give her a similar gift that I am giving to my other friends that are in/helping with the wedding?  I would just hate for her to not get anything while I'm giving the others something although I am spending $250 on hotel rooms.  What do you think?

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    I'd give her a nice tip based on what she would have normally charged had she not been your friend.
  • Thanks for your comment. Other than just asking her, I'm not really sure how I would find out how much others tip her.  So you are saying the $250 for the hotel rooms is not enough compensation?  I should give her cash also?   

    I did not know you were supposed to tip photographers.  Do you tip the florist, wedding planner, minister and videographer also? 


  • They actually have an article on here for tipping.
    Wedding planner: optional but if they did a great job up to $500 or a nice gift like professional photo's for thier portfolio.

    wedding hair stylist and make-up: yes 15%-25%

    wedding delivery and set up staff ( wedding cake, flowers, or soundsystems): yes $5-$10 per person.

    Officiant: yes. donation to church and $50-$100 to nondenominational officiant is optional since they are already charging for thier time.

    Wedding photographer/videographer: unnecessary unless they are not the studio owner. $50-$200 per vendor. I thank your covered with paying for her hotel. But maybe throw it a really nice thank-you card with a bottle of her favorite wine or something?

    Check out the article. I printed it up so I would have it on hand ;)
  • Give the gift. It doesn't have to be expensive - maybe a gift card to a camera store in your/her area. Not because you have to, but because she's a friend and is going to spend the majority of your wedding "working."
  • I think a gift card or cash would be nice.  By brother in law is our photographer and I plan on giving him cash.  They are also from out of town but not staying in a hotel (staying with friends) while here.  He is the owner which means no tip usually but since his gift to us (the photography) is valued at FAR more than a normal wedding gift we'd like to tip him.  I think we'll do $250.  We are also paying for a second cameraman which will be $250 so that he has time to enjoy the wedding as well and have the second shooter give him a bit of a rest.  I then put aside another $500 for prints or a wedding album since I don't expect him to gift that since he will have a cost for that.
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